The Photographer


It’s true…I am a photographer and videographer.

When I am not doing one, I am most definitely doing the other.

Weddings have been my life for the past eight years.  

My favorite moments to capture are the bride’s reaction when she first sees herself in her wedding dress, the groom’s expression as his soon to be wife approaches the alter, and the excitement when the DJ announces the bride and groom as Mr. and Mrs. at the  reception.  

I always get emotional during the father daughter dance because it reminds me of my dad, but I make it my goal to capture the most tender, loving photo.  

And my favorite wedding clients are the ones that simple enjoy their day to the fullest.  

I am a wife

I met Chuck in college in a Blue Print Reading Class.  I was the only girl in class and depending on who tells the story; I picked him up by ever so smoothly asking, “So you want to be an architect?”  And the rest is eight years of happiness.

I am a mother

Henry is a teenager.  He is a junior at White House High School.  He is taking an interest in video editing and has his own Podcast, "Watch This".  

Connor is almost two and was born on our 10 year wedding anniversary.  He is curious about everything and hard to keep up with, but we enjoy every minute of it.  

Even though I am not technically their mother…

I do love my three Italian Greyhounds as if I were.  There is Semie the mom, Oreo the dad, and Snickers the baby.  They always greet you as if they haven’t seen you in ages, love to sleep way under the covers, and act more like cats than dogs.


Other than that,

I collect magnets everywhere I travel

I like gardening in my flower beds

I don’t like cooking; instead I eat out way too much

I like painting because it reminds me of my dad

Prefer sweet potato fries to French fries, Jack Johnson to Kenny Chesney, the beach to the slopes,

And I would love to be a part of your wedding day.

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